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Health and Safety FAQs

To report an emergency or an immediate life-threatening hazard, call 911. To report safety concerns involving general workplace and office safety, fire safety, laboratory safety, or environmental safety, call Occupational and Environmental Health and Safety at (801) 581-6590 or file a report online at

The University’s Campus Alert System is designed to reach everyone on campus in the best way possible during an emergency. Most alerts are sent via email and are color-coded according to the level of importance for quick identification. On rare occasions, emergency messages will be sent via text to cell phones (you must sign up to receive text messages in the CIS portal online). Students, faculty, staff, and visitors can also be alerted of emergencies using the University’s “U Heads Up!” app.

Yes. Many students and employees need to be on campus at night or at odd hours and may feel nervous walking to their vehicle, dorm, or another building on campus. The University’s Department of Public Safety can dispatch a safety officer to walk with you or give you a ride to your desired location on campus. If you would like a safety escort, please call (801) 585-2677.

A list of community legal resources and services, including resources and legal clinics that help individuals obtain restraining orders or protective orders, is available here.

Yes. If your car battery is dead or you locked your keys in your car, the Department of Public Safety can help. Please call (801) 585-2677 for assistance.

Last Updated: 5/28/21