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Marriot Plaza Fountain

Staff Support

Main Office: (801) 585-7002
Facsimile: (801) 585-7007

OGC Administrative Staff

Brian Christiansen Director, Administration Email
Audrey Patterson Executive Secretary  
Laurel Widdekind Administrative Assistant to Liz Winter, Chris Stout, Brian Price, Jason Seifert, Hailey Bandy, Brian Watts, Michele Ballantyne, Robert Payne, and Julie McAdams. Email
Renee Bay Administrative Assistant to Scott Smith, Phyllis Vetter, Julie Thomas, Kelley Marsden, and Dennis Owens. Email
Kelly South  Senior Paralegal; Assistant to Katie Carreau.  Email
Marie Perkins  Paralegal; Assistant to JIm Haisley, Gigi Parke, Alice Whitacre, and Laura Anne Stetson. Email 
Last Updated: 9/5/17