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Frequently Asked Questions

About the Office of General Counsel (OGC)

Attorney Referral:

The OGC does not provide attorney referrals. However, a list of community legal resources and services is available here


The attorneys in the OGC represent the University of Utah and are not private attorneys for members of the campus community. The OGC’s attorneys have ethical obligations governing the confidentiality of the information they receive as part of their representation of the University. The OGC’s attorneys’ obligations to the University may require them to disclose information within the University but outside of the OGC regarding certain confidential matters.

Outside Counsel:

No. Faculty, staff, and students may not hire outside attorneys to represent or provide services to the University. Only the OGC may retain outside counsel. If you have questions about hiring counsel, please contact the OGC.

Personal Legal Advice:

The OGC's client is the University of Utah, and the OGC provides legal services and advice regarding the University's legal matters to University administrators responsible for those matters. The OGC does not provide legal advice and services for personal matters.

A list of community legal resources and services, including resources and legal clinics that help individuals obtain restraining orders or protective orders, is available here.

Last Updated: 5/3/24